When Should I Take a Probiotic? | Best Time to Take a Probiotic – Before or After Eating?

Ganoderma Lucidum: Back to Basics

Ganoderma lucidum or Reishi mushroom is a type of fungus. According to some people, it’s kind of “woody” or “tough” and has a bitter taste. It’s commonly used as medicine across the globe.

Can Brain Disorders Be A Gut Problem?

The following will look at the gut-brain connection and how the two communicate with each other. It discusses what science has discovered on the relationship between gut dysbiosis and various brain disorders. Finally, are some suggestions on how to maintain a healthy gut.

How to Fight Mineral Deficiency in Children Between 12-15years?

The major concern of working parents, especially mothers is whether her growing up preteen or teen is eating healthy food or not. Working mothers are often laden with this guilt. While all the efforts are maintained to ensure that the child develops healthy eating habits, what parents tend to forget is that children learn by imitating.

Can Drinking Water Dehydrate You?

What causes dehydration and how to handle it is vital for our health. If you know this data and use it, you could handle so many unknown causes of symptoms and be boss of your body. Dehydration is a huge factor that affects good health – mental and physical.

How Different Plant Foods Can Enhance Your Immunity

This article will focus on plant foods and how their unique phytonutrients can support your immunity and tame inflammation in the body. Understand how white, yellow, orange, red, green, and blue-purple plant foods function differently in the body.

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