When is the Best Time to Take Probiotics

How Do You, Really, VIEW Yourself?

Although, some may try to, you can’t fool all of the people, all of the time! For, whatever, reason, some of us, at some point or another, seek some path of least resistance, and, thus, attempt to do, exactly, that, and, although, you may believe, it works, it rarely does, in the longer – run! As unhealthy, as it is, to lie, to others, it’s much worse, to do so, to yourself!

5 Key Actions Which Benefit A Healthier Heart

Each of us, must decide, and determine, for himself, whether he is ready, willing, and able to proceed, in the most beneficial manner, especially, as it relates to heart – health, and well – being! In fact, in the United States, cardiology, or the study and treatment of heart – related health, and ailments, is, one of the most relevant, significant, components, of our overall wellness! While some things may be, beyond our control, regardless of how well we take care of ourselves, in many cases, paying more attention, and proceeding, wiser, produces many benefits.

How Do Your Thoughts Make You FEEL?

You can think you can, or can’t. Either way, you’ll be correct! These words, generally, credited to Henry Ford, emphasize the power of positive thinking, and, how, our thoughts, and mind, can either, be our best friend, or worst enemy!

Dr. Shreyash Gajjar – Arthroscopic and Joint Replacement Surgeon in India

Dr. Shreyash Gajjar is a leading Arthroscopic and Joint Replacement Surgeon in India with high skills in all types of Arthroscopic procedures.

5 Alternatives For Winter Ailments

Many refer to the Winter season, especially in colder climates and regions, to be, the cold, and flu season! Although, there is no known cure, either conventional or alternative, for the so – called, common cold, many seek, something to ease the discomfort, and symptoms of the malady. There is also, no cure, for the flu, but, flu vaccinations, generally, significantly, reduce the risk.

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