OMG!! 5 Possible Side Effects of Probiotics

Don’t Let Copd or Pneumonia Take You Out

While an individual that develops pneumonia typically needs seven to 10 days to recover, the time for a senior with pneumonia may be much longer if at all. There is a high rate of mortality with pneumonia in the elderly. As much as 30 percent of individuals that are treated in a hospital for pneumonia die from it.

Getting It Right!: BABY Steps

The Bacon Brothers, wrote, and performed, a song, Baby Steps, which tells us, if we want to achieve objectives, effectively, we need to do so, in an incremental, planned manner! When it comes to getting it right, in terms of achieving our personal priorities, etc, and be as happy, and, hopefully, healthy, as possible, doesn’t it make sense, to plan accordingly, in a step – by – step, controllable way, using a series of achievable, BABY steps? When/ if, we are able to see, light at the end, of the tunnel, we reduce our unwanted stresses, and proceed, with a far greater degree of self -…

Affirmations: The Keys To Getting Better

If you hope, to get closer, to being, as happy, and, hopefully, healthy, as possible, using affirmations, properly, and effectively, will help you get closer to where you might like to be! Affirmations are statements, made, and committed to, which are, both, positive, in nature, and wording, as well as in the current tense! This is far different from, merely using some wish – list, and/ or, hoping, for the best.

A Wellness Team Approach, To Health

Since, it’s your life, and health, doesn’t it make sense, to proceed, in the best – possible way, in order to proceed, as wisely as possible, and make the finest, personal choices, in terms of your personal well – being? Although, in the rest of the world, a more, holistic approach, to health – care, is often, used, and considered, in the United States, we, often, proceed, by emphasizing, what is referred to, as allopathy, or, a more, chemical, drug – related direction. In the past few decades, many physicians, and other health professionals, have become more willing to consider alternatives, and,…

How To Achieve Your DREAMS?

How often, are we instructed, to try to live our personal DREAMS, while, often, not fully recognizing some of what that requires, and why? Henry Ford is often credited with saying, You can think you can, or can’t. Either way, you’ll be correct.

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